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The Anointed were a group, founded by members of the Church who considered themselves to be enforcers of Good, Light and Righteousness. At one time, their presence caused much disturbance in the realms as they recommenced the never-ending task of actively cleansing Sapience of Evil, Chaos, and Darkness. They also took a stand against Sin.

The organisation itself was formed by Archprelate Rho with the blessing of Pentharian and Tarah. In the year 470 the Preceptorship of the Synod passed to Silas, and in the year 504, Preceptorship passed to Azor. The group became less active, and finally ceased to exist as Azor defected to Mhaldor, dissolved the group, and declared the clan "Desecrated," in 541 AF.

The Anointed made their home in a hidden valley in the Shamtota Hills that once held the temple of Pentharian.

The Anointed had a number of leadership positions:

  • Preceptor
The head of the group
  • The Synod
A combination of the councils
  • The Crusader Council
Several leaders of military might
  • The Evangelist Council
Leaders of the spiritual and preaching path

The Precepts of the Anointed

  1. Good is Eternal and Absolute. It is the wellspring of Creation, the fertile ground upon which all things flourish.
  2. The Light is both illuminator and beacon, guiding all persons along the path of Good.
  3. Do not stray into sloth and selfish desire. In this way are obstacles along the path raised, obscuring Good from the eyes of those who walk it.
  4. Defeat Evil, that Good might persist unmarred. Evil seeks to pervert Creation and in so doing, bind it to its will. It is a wound to be salved and a sickness to be cured.
  5. Turn back Chaos and all else foreign to Creation.
  6. Let us not suffer Darkness; in its foul womb fester the enemies of Good.
  7. By our desires are we chained. Cast off these shackles: only to the humble shall the Light be fully visible, only without pride can Good be wholly known.
  8. Save that which can be saved; destroy that which cannot. Be secure in the knowledge that in Light will all be restored.
  9. A soul given to Good is the foundation of Creation itself. It is the charge of every proponent of Light to lead wayward hearts home to their rest.