War of the Divine Child

The War of the Divine Child, as it has come to be called, took place circa 326 AF. It began after Sartan, God of Evil, used Slith to secretly kidnap the child-God Pandemonium from His creche in the Eileithyian Tree. Slith disappeared through a mysterious portal with the boy, with Aegis, the boy's father, hot on his heels in 309 AF. The portal sealed and neither were seen for years.

The fissure was a reservoir of power created with the Eye of Proteus by Sartan and Valnurana to hold energy They had been draining from the Darkenwood for differing reasons. Valnurana furnished Sartan with the eye and helped deceive the Gods of Darkenwood (Twilight and Demeter) with visions because She wanted revenge against Twilight for an unknown reason. Her plan turned sour in 325 when She discovered that Sartan had bound the child-God within the fissure, to the rage of the child's mother, Eris. The Gods rallied adventurers across the land to try and free the boy. The citizens of Ashtan, Hashan, Cyrene, and Eleusis, as well as many cityless rogues answered the call to attempt to rescue the Divine child from Mhaldor. Only Shallam demurred, choosing not to involve themselves in what they viewed as war between Chaos and Evil. The war raged on as the motley adventurer alliance threw itself at the defences of the red isle to loosen the divine child's bonds as its ritualists chanted towards unknown purpose.

At the height of the war a demonic presence made itself known in Mannaseh Swamp. A living kris dagger was found there and taken up by Lord Stee Trefenwyd of the Maldaathi, who raced back to Mhaldor with it. The armies of the Divine Child realised the dagger was going to be used upon the Divine Child and a pitched battle sprung up to prevent it, but not before Stee tossed it into the fissure, striking the boy God. Sartan's plan came to fruition as the fissure's energies were released in a great explosion, and the winged shade of Indrani, the Cruel was released from the kris dagger. The demoness feasted on the boy's essence and formed a new body for herself, becoming Indrani, the Goddess of Sin. The boy-God was rescued by His mother in the chaos of Indrani's celebration, and returned to the Eileithyian tree to heal from His great wounds.