Weaver's Arms

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The Weaver's Arms is a rowdy, unpleasant inn in Loramere. Erran, a slovenly innkeeper, tends bar in the taproom. A smoky den is host to a gambling ring in the cellar.


Ale (silver tankard of Dragon's Doom) - 450gp
Gleaming silver shaped into a thickened cylinder forms the surface of this tankard, widening out at the base into a scale pattern. Variegated argent etchings encircle the main body while a single massive handle protrudes from one side, decorated with a sinuous dragon in miniature. Carmine crystal glimmers from within its sculpted eyes, tiny pinions held tight against the metal and transforming it into a firm grip for the holder.
Beer (flagon of Nora's Knee-Knocker) - 550gp
Wide enough to contain a troll's head, this huge, polished oak tankard gleams dully in the reflected light. Twin handles protrude from each side, extending out in a grand half-circle before joining themselves once more to the main body of the container at the wide base. Reaching around the rim is a wide copper brace, burnished to a faint sheen and dented from past impacts on stubborn surfaces.
Ale (two-toned clay growler of Dryad's Revenge) - 250gp
A sniff from the narrow lip of this jug rewards one with the clean perfume of spring blossoms with undertones of rose teasing just out of reach. Heavy, but disappointingly small, this rough fired clay jug is a miniature version of the classic home-brew container. The thin liquid within cannot be seen in the dark depths but against the lips or dripping from the rim it appears mostly clear. The taste is just as light, as thin as water but intoxicatingly fragrant with the infusion of mysterious flower petals and berries. Though the lack of flavour can be off-putting, the enchanting aftertaste clings to the tongue persistently enough to threaten addiction.