Elemental Plane of Water

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Elemental Plane of Water
Leader Sllshya, the Great Ocean
Religion Sllshya, the Great Ocean
Enemies Fire, Earth, Air

The Elemental Plane of Water is, according to Asahana, the source of water as well as water-derived magic across the Multiverse. Thus, water elementals as well as the connections Magi, and Sylvan have are drawn from this plane. Its entrance lies to the south-east from the heart of the Mannamot Tier of the World Tree. It is ruled over by Sllshya, the Great Ocean.

In the year 757 AF, the Elemental Plane of Water went to war with the Elemental Plane of Air, the Elemental Plane of Earth, and the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Famous Elementals

Military Arms

  • The Mawguard
  • The Cetan
- Thalastos (winter)
- Parililos (spring)
- Chamiloia (summer)
- Vathirr (autumn)


Sllshya's Maw

Colloquially known as "The Maw", Sllshya's Maw is nothing less than an enormous whirlpool, ceaselessly churning and writhing through the deeps. Its inhabitants are varied, ranging from soldiers of Sllshya in the form of water elementals to great barbed creatures of the wine-dark depths. Within, the ever-shifting Alcazar can be found, overlooking the waters through its countless glimmering windows.

The Alcazar

Guarded by the mighty Cetan, the Alcazar is a grand palace without peer, ruled over by the Queen Regent on behalf of the Fluid One, Sllshya. Its entrance fluctuates to the whims and wills of the tides, yet can ever be found somewhere in the churning maelstrom that is the Maw. Social standing and propriety are of paramount importance to the palace residents, among them noble men and women well versed in navigating the travails of the Court of the Mad.


Flora and Fauna

The deep currents are host to forests of seaweeds within whose waving fronds hide striped regasco, spinefish, subtle snatchers, voltaic jellyfish, sunfish, and clusters of agelta. Lesser seen are crimson serpents, gargantuan eels, and black seahorses camoflauged in the inky depths. Anthracite-hued moss and white lichen also float in the churning maelstrom which is the Maw.