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Tuns are a shopkeeping item recently introduced to allow shop owners to sell curitive elixirs and salves, venoms, and some other fluids without the need for pre-filled vials. In many ways, a tun replicates the method Seasone uses to refills vials.

Anyone may purchase a tun designator from Fronck in the Delosian Furniture showroom for the price of 200,000 gold sovereigns. This designator must be dropped in the stockroom of the shop, much like using a designator for upgrading a room to include a library. While multiple designators may be dropped in a single storeroom by multiple adventurers, only the adventurer who dropped a designator may pick it up.

A tun holds a quantity equal to 100 superfilled vials. Shopkeepers set the price per refill. This price is the same regardless of the number of sips or applications in the vial at the time of the refill, and brings the total number of uses to 200 for curatives and 150 for venoms.