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Tulath, a bedraggled fisherman, lives in the village of Ka'doloki. In early 464 AF, Tulath was swept away to the far north by stormy seas after setting out on a fishing trip gone awry, his boat dashed against the rocks near Saoghal Valley. For the next few months, he trekked southwards through the northern terrain of Sapience, finally making his way to New Thera in Lupar of 464 AF, where several adventurers came to his aid and returned him to his seaside home. His story of adventure eventually led to the discovery of Eirenwaar Island.

Tulath still carries many physical and behavioral scars from his brush with disaster: his eyes dart nervously, his hair is a tangled mess, and his bare feet are grimy and blistered. His scrawny frame is decked in a pair of leather trousers and a green shirt, and he is wrapped in a warm blanket.