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Leader Ganorg, the Qurnok Shaman
Religion None
Founder Unknown
Discoverer Aisen, Moros, Cliff
Allies None
Enemies None


The current inhabitants of the Village of Qurnok are the descendants of the Trolls of Kasmarkin, having escaped from the city before it sank to the depths of the Mannaseh Swamp. They took with them the Cypress of Mysteries, the source of their power and their protection, but over the years, their abuse of its powers led to the weakening of the tree and its failure to serve as the village's protective barrier.


Located to the west of the Green Lake, the village is situated amidst the swamps that share its name.



The Qurnok are generally a xenophobic folk, mistrustful of outsiders and the tidings they bring. Their warriors are very aggressive in this mistrust, and tend to make it immediately known that outsiders are not welcome.

Flora and Fauna

Having been founded upon a swamp, the standard cohosh, ash, and bellwort can be found throughout the village. A great cypress stands in the village centre. Muskrats, crocodiles, snakes, and swarms of flies move about both the outskirts and interior of the village.