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The tasks assist adventurers in learning about the world and guide them through the many commands they have at their disposal. Although the tutorial for newbies is self-paced and the tasks may be completed in no particular order, many of the introductory tasks must be completed before more advanced tasks, such as city tasks are available.

Most tasks grant adventurers a reward upon completion, in the form of experience, gold, et cetera. Here is a list of some of the tasks and their descriptions:

Grilling the Chief
Getting Help
Items and Rooms
Basic Hunting
About Your Character
  • 16 - Your Score
  • 17 - Finding Out About Other Players
Your Inventory
Interacting with Items
  • 22 - Using INFO HERE
  • 23 - Get, Give, Drop, Put, and So On
  • 24 - Using PROBE and LOOK AT
  • 25 - Shops and WARES
Interacting with Other Adventurers
  • 26 - Talking to People
  • 27 - Sending a TELL
  • 28 - Conveying Emotions