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Channels refer broadly to the various methods of communication in Achaea. Although most are psychic in nature, some, such as yelling and shouting, are auditory and thus susceptible to physical constraints such as deafness, language barriers, and stuttering. A list of the channels available includes but is not limited to the following:

  • City : This channel allows communication for all members of a particular city via the syntax CT or by using the name of the city.
  • Clans : CLT along with the appropriate number in one's clan list will allow communication on a particular clan's channel.
  • House : Depending on the level of the person communicating, one of several commands may be used to speak to members of a house. HNT allows talk for all members, but especially newcomers; HT allows talk for general house membership; and HTS is a special channel reserved for higher members of the house.
  • Market : This channel allows for buying and selling of various things for adventurers who are level 11 or higher via the syntax MARKET.
  • Newbie : This channel exists for newbies to ask questions and request basic assistance. Due to its nature, some topics might be considered insane by other adventurers. It is important to note that the newbie channel is not available for idle chatting, and language rules still apply.
  • Order : This channel allows for communication between members of a particular order via the syntax OT.
  • Shouts : By using a giant ram's horn or the ram's horn artefact, one may communicate to everyone on that continent provided that the person shouting is at least level 20 and the audience members are listening.
  • Yells : Yells are available to anyone and are heard by everyone in the local area.
  • Tells : Tells are a form of telepathic communication available to all. Unlike most forms of psychic communication, tells are language-dependent.

Channels no longer available include:

  • Class : This channel allowed for communication between members of the same class via the CLASS syntax. Members of some classes, such as bards formed clans to serve similar purpose after the channel was removed.