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The score enables adventurers to find out more information about themselves. Below is an example of the result of this command when performed by someone named Aeschylus. (There is also a variant command called QSC or QUICKSCORE, which will display only current health information.)

What a sample score shows:

Aeschylus (male Mhun)
You have achieved level 48 (Eminent) and are 27% of the way to the next level.
Health: 2220/2220  Mana: 2220/2220
Endurance: 9374/10000  Willpower: 9636/10000
Strength: 10  Dexterity: 15  Constitution: 11  Intelligence: 12
You are ranked 30th in Achaea.
You are not known for acts of infamy.
You roam the land citizenless.
You are Master of the South Wind in the Sentaari.
You are a Sightseer in the Fellowship of Explorers.
You are Angelic.
You are 37 years old, having been born on the 23rd of Glacian, 156 years after
the fall of the Seleucarian Empire.