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Please make a chart in the same manner Merentesh's other artefact shops are done (for instance, The Miscellaneous Artefact Shop). For artefacts, they are important enough that each one will eventually get its own page, not just a description on a wares list. --Krypton 04:19, 2 April 2008 (GMT)

So no description in the table, I'm guessing? ~Soludra 04:25, 2 April 2008 (GMT)
Nope, it should be exactly as the tables on all the other artefact shops appears. I'm adding suggested artefact links below. Notice on the pre-existing tables that wares are taken verbatim. Ugh, we have to figure out what to do with the ram's horn, as well as if we want an all-encompassing artefact packs article.. --Krypton 04:31, 2 April 2008 (GMT)
Uhh, sorry, Madelyne. Why do we need a diamond pipe page? They are artefact pipes, too, and just need to be mentioned on that page! --Krypton 04:32, 2 April 2008 (GMT)
Yeah, and I would seriously suggest an artefact packs page right about now.. --Krypton 04:34, 2 April 2008 (GMT)
Krypton, when I first edited this I had notes with some of the wares. They were deleted when you edited the page. I had no way of knowing you were editing because you hopped in and took the reigns during mine and Soludra's discussion and my saying I was going to edit this over the clan. Again, the vial and pipe could be listed with the vial and pipe pages. Just add the extra information and alter any current information on those pages when necessary. As for artefact packs, fine but links from each other type of pack should redirect to the main artefacts page page. The main thing is to keep continuity. For multi-artefact pages (like pipes, packs, etc.) please remember to put in every applicable category. Finally, please add the artefact horns to the current ram's horn page. Thank you, Soludra, for all your hard work on this so far! Madelyne 21:26, 2 April 2008 (GMT)
Actually, the packs can all have their own unique pages. Unlike the vials and the pipes, there isn't a whole slew of pack artefacts that have the exact same properties, so an "artefact packs" page isn't necessary. For the same reason, since the two ram's horns (artefact vs. non-artefact) are distinct, we may want separate pages for them. --Krypton 21:51, 2 April 2008 (GMT)
There's no way of saying there will or won't be more artefact packs in the future. Also, there aren't that many types of artefact pipes, but they're all on one page. Therefore, please put them all on one big "Artefact Packs" page, following whatever format was used for artefact vials and artefact pipes. Thanks! Madelyne 17:38, 4 April 2008 (GMT)
That's because the artefact pipes and artefact vials, barring those just added to The Shop of Wonders, were completely identical in all respects save for description. In the case of the "artefact packs", each one is unique from the others in a manner besides just description, hence they are deserving of separate pages. A single "artefact packs" page would give an incorrect impression of more overlap between those artefacts than there actually is. --Krypton 18:28, 4 April 2008 (GMT)


Should we create a new category specifically for discontinued artefacts? ~Soludra 04:26, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

Yes! Seems like there are a lot that would make this worthwhile. Asara 06:07, 21 January 2009 (UTC)
There's a bunch more that have been introduced and dropped. New pages for the new ones and rewording of the old ones. Shop of Wonders is already done in this respect. Probably also need to update the Wares section of Talk with the current listing and descriptions, as almost all of the originals have been phased out by now. Samakhulis 07:32:52, 01 June 2012 (UTC)


Original Listing from 2008

a Sceptre of Aqueous Mastery - 10mc
The Sceptre of Aqueous Mastery is a two-foot long wand carved from the white tusk of a Eusian Geryas. The sceptre is covered in carved symbols of power in a flowing script that glow a sharp azure. The light from the sigils pulses faintly in time with the pulsing of an amorphous globule of water that swirls and shifts around the tip of the sceptre. The size of a fist, the sphere of water is obviously the magical heart of the sceptre.
a diamond pipe - 9mc
Rich, dark wood from the cocobola has been carved into a thick, well-made pipe. Tiny kawhe beans have been delicated embedded to the bowl of the pipe, and carefully petrified to maintain their shape even with heavy use. The bowl itself is curved, wide inside to contain embers and herbs, but closely tied to prevent too much air burning it fast. When lit, the kawhe beans release a heady, aromatic scent, filling the air with a slightly nutty aroma.
Terrin'ukia's Monocle - 8mc
Perfectly circular, this monocle is a thick glass lens surrounded by semi-transparent obsidian casing. The lens itself is thick and tinted with a sanguine hue, rendering everything seen through it in shades of blood red. A small loop protrudes from the black frame, through which a thread of braided spidersilk passes, with a burnished brass clasp attached to the thread's opposite end. Fashioned to resemble the Spider Queen Lachesis, a half-woman, half-arachnid hybrid forms the catch mechanism.
a platinum whistle - 7mc
Roughly the length and thickness of a human finger, this whistle is made from a single piece of platinum. A hollow cylinder, the whistle bears intricate carvings along its body, with creatures ranging from the noble boar to the massive storm bull etched into the metal. So skilful is the craftsmanship that it is difficult to discern where one beast's outline ends and the next begins.
a set of gleaming obsidian panpipes - 6mc
Fifteen cylindrical pipes of pure obsidian are bound together by smooth golden bands, keeping each of the perfectly round tubes fitted snuggly together. Starting out even and straight, each tube takes a different path as it descends, some forming corkscrews, and others curving in a wave-like pattern. Every successive pipe is slightly longer than the last, allowing a variety of notes to be played by blowing across their hollow tops. The backside of the instrument is unadorned, crafted from simple, shining black glass, while the front of each pipe is inset with a precious gem of a different type near the top. Just below the jewelled adornments, a large, golden, stylised rat emblem is etched, beady red-ruby eyes a-glitter.
a ram's horn - 5mc
A full four feet in length, this ram's horn possesses a sinuous shape. Its graceful curves have a rich chestnut colouration with flecks of amber and tan outlining the grain of the horn. Growing from a thin point at its mouth piece to a broad base, the horn's shape makes it well suited for amplifying sound. Polished to a smooth, shiny finish, three bands of gold adorn its length, each set about a foot apart. Each band is ten inches wide and is comprised of delicate gold latticework with innumerable dazzling jewels set between the thin strands of gold.
a dragonskin pack - 4mc
Meticulously crafted from a multitude of large, flexible dragon scales, the exterior of this pack scintillates with shades of electric blue. Large and spacious within, the container is lined with soft, waterproofed cotton and reinforced on the bottom with a thick panel of leather. Two matching, tooled leather straps secure the pack over the shoulders of the owner comfortably, their surfaces decorated with the sinuous images of blue dragons in flight.
a wyvernskin pack - 3mc
Interlocking diamond-shaped scales of dull greyish black compose the exterior of this wyvernskin pack, the surface puckered and mottled from overwork. Dull and lifeless, only the craggy contours of the scales reflect any light on their sharp, irregular edges. Two shoulder straps are affixed to the backside of the container, similarly fringed with the sturdy, inflexible reptilian skin.
an Estachian feedbag - 3mc
Sewn from a luxurious piece of heavy silk, this enormous feedbag is clearly designed for a regal mount.
a Fluvian jar - 3mc
This semi-transparent cluster of prismatic crystals are arranged to form an irregular cylindrical container. The interior is hollow, breaking up the waves of light refracted by the jar's flat, polished exterior surfaces into a myriad of oscillating rainbow colours and shapes. A fitted, crystal-clear square stone plugs the neck of the container, around which pale wisps of white vapour waver and dance.
a crafter's portfolio - 3mc
Fine El'Jaziran leather stretches over hard sides to form this elegant and sturdy portfolio, stamped on the front with the seal of the Delosian Crafters Union. Several layers of flat, leather-encased boards can be lifted out of the case, each with series of pockets lined in parchment to allow the storing of crafting designs.
a crafter's folder - 2mc
Fine El'Jaziran leather stretches over two rectangles of hard backing to form this elegant folder, stamped on the front with the seal of the Delosian Crafters Union. A series of flat pockets covers more than half of the dark file's insides, each compartment lined with parchment to allow the storing of crafting designs.
a quartz crystal vial - 2mc
The shape of a flower bud just on the verge of blossoming, a symbol of regeneration, is represented in white quartz crystal. Lifelike veins are clearly delineated upon the petals in silver. The petals open outward slightly towards the tip to allow an aperture from which any liquid within may be released. Multiple facets are carved within the interior of the vial, refracting light in such a way that the bottom of the vial is invisible to the eye. The bud terminates at its base in a graceful, leafless stem with the barest hint of a curve.
an olivewood stationery kit - 1mc
Slightly larger than a standard letter and only an inch in depth, this lightweight box is crafted from the exquisite olivewood of the Shamtota hills. Covering its top surface is an elaborate relief of interlaced vines centred around the image of a dove, its unfurled wings detailed to each individual feather. A hidden compartment filled with ink is incorporated into the design, and a discreet groove along one side holds a small writing quill. The underside of the box is polished and smooth, exhibiting the beauty and deep grain of the natural wood, with a single mystical rune etched in its centre. Diffuse amber light radiates from the rune, imparting a palpable aura of magic to the entire kit.
a white crystalline vase - 1mc
Slender and graceful, a fluted column of crystal rises from a narrow base to a broad lip, forming a gorgeous vase. Made of flawless crystal, the vase's surfaceis cut into countless smooth facets, each refracting even the most minute light into dazzling rainbows of colour. Suspended within the vase are a dozen seeds, swirling in an unidentifiable substrate that emits an intoxicating aroma of jasmine and sage.
a blue crystalline vase - 1mc
Slender and graceful, a fluted column of crystal rises from a narrow base to a broad lip, forming a gorgeous vase. Made of flawless crystal, the vase's surface is cut into countless smooth facets, each refracting even the most minute light into dazzling rainbows of colour. Suspended within the vase are a dozen seeds, swirling in an unidentifiable substrate that emits an intoxicating aroma of jasmine and sage.
a violet crystalline vase - 1mc
Slender and graceful, a fluted column of crystal rises from a narrow base to a broad lip, forming a gorgeous vase. Made of flawless crystal, the vase's surface is cut into countless smooth facets, each refracting even the most minute light into dazzling rainbows of colour. Suspended within the vase are a dozen seeds, swirling in an unidentifiable substrate that emits an intoxicating aroma of jasmine and sage.
a trader's satchel - 1mc
Black leather forms this small satchel, sewn into a wide rectangle. Embroidery threads of silver and gold pick out images of metal bars over the supple surface, while more colourful strings outline bits of cloth, rope, bone, and other commodities used in crafting.

6-1-2012 Update

a bar of pumice soap - 2mc
Aromas of coconut and orange gently escape this bar of pumice soap, its soft texture belying its prodigious cleaning power. Barely noticeable traces of a gritty texture protrude from the bar, remnants of the fine grains of pumice generously incorporated into the soap. Colourful streaks of yellow, orange, and tan are woven throughout, hinting at the floral ingredients used to provide not only a pleasant aroma but also a powerful grime-cutting effect.
obfuscated crystal vial - 3mc
This delicately fluted vial is formed from smooth crystal of indeterminate origin. Its base is rounded, its shape tapering inward and upward until it terminates in a slightly flared lip. The outer surface possesses a gently striated quality reminiscent of running water. Shadow and light play within the grooves and ridges, obscuring the vial's contents and obfuscating the true size of its interior. A crystal stopper in the shape of an inverted teardrop fits perfectly in the opening atop the container.
a polished skull - 7mc
The size of this skull indicates that the corpse from which it was taken was either a child's, or of a humanoid race of diminutive size. The length of the teeth, intact within the jaw save for a few, would suggest the latter. Though yellowed with age, the bones of the skull have been polished to a dull shine. A single ruby gleams malevolently betwixt the eye sockets, the sole decoration upon the skull.
a blooming rose perfume bottle - 2mc
Unfurling rose quartz petals bloom and curl away from the central repository, each exquisitely-carved curve blushing faintly at the top and deepening shade towards its base to a fulsome pink. Embedded into the cool stone, slick topaz beads mimic droplets of moisture on the blossom, the clear gems permitting a peep at the silvery liquid coating the phial's interior. A flutter of rose gold leaves backing the bottle discretely hides the stopper, and a slinking chain laden with rosebud charms completes the perfume bottle, tinkling and twinkling as it moves.
a pitted ankh - 5mc
Corrosion smears burnt shades of orange along this ankh's length, neither its wide hoop nor its sturdy arms granted reprieve from the rusty taint. Glinting beneath the flaking scales, the occasional flash of steel divulges a sense of the ward's original appearance, and imprinted finger marks nobble its foot, leaving a row of depressions in the metal. Thick and bristly, a braided twine cord slips through a puncture in one end for convenience, enabling the ankh to be worn.
an aquamarine cologne bottle - 2mc
Geometric facets slash through the luminous aquamarine phial, its triangular shape tapering sideways to an off-kilter apex. Though the complex design leans improbably, the smooth curve of a chalcedony dropper pierces into the bottle's interior as a clever counter-weight and keeps it safely anchored on its flat base. Distinctly blue and unwavering, the liquid within lights the vessel from the inside out, casting a tinted glow through the precious stone, and a sable leather thong artistically wraps about the entire cologne bottle for convenient handling.
an Aeonic hourglass - 2mc
Fashioned from obsidian, the stand of this hourglass securely holds its bulbs in place. Three legs, gently twisted into tight spirals, cradle the bulbs in a protective cage, constantly pulling the two circular bases together and keeping the ever-shifting tension in equilibrium. Scarcely refracting the light, the glass is frailly thin, appearing non-existent unless tilted at just the right angle. Fine granules of crystal fill the bulbs and provide a means of time-keeping in this majestic object.
a golden honeycomb - 9mc
An intricate lattice of golden beeswax formed of hundreds of hexagons hangs here, the viscous fluid dripping from it like concentrated liquid sunlight.
a scrying bowl - 6mc
Flowing script encircles the outer rim of this silver bowl, the elegant symbols glowing with a low, blue light. Flowing symbols cover the exterior, and the sloped interior is polished to a perfect, mirror-like surface. Sloshing about within the container is pure, crystalline water.
a standstone stationery kit - 1mc
Muted hues of gold and rose create this stationery kit, its surface polished smooth until the layers of colour give a luminous shine. Crackled through the lid, stained amber and crimson faults of quartz sparkle, their intricate facets reflecting any light with a prismatic flare. Decorating the edge, deep engravings of runic symbols leave the surface feeling rough. A small hidden compartment filled with ink is carefully incorporated into the side, with a discreet groove that holds a small, feathered quill. A diffused golden light radiates from this kit, imparting it with a palpable aura of magic.
a pirate's eyepatch - 2mc
Assembled from a stiffly starched section of black sailcloth with two long pieces of string attached to each end, this eyepatch has been constructed for its effectiveness rather than fashion appeal. While new in appearance, the unmistakable smell of the sea clings to the very fibres of the fabric. Any pirate worth his salt wouldn't be without this essential piece of attire.
a portable potbellied stove - 5mc
Crafted from sturdy iron and standing on three stout little legs, this potbellied stove is the perfect way to cook food away from home. A tiny grated oven door at the front and a flat surface on top enable the cook to prepare meals in several ways. Curved iron handles adorn each side, allowing the stove to be carried when required.
a leather falconry jess - 4mc
A slender loop of leather twists around itself in a double band before trailing away into a dangling strand. Pliant to the faintest touch, the painstakingly treated hide flexes with ease, its supple texture designed for the comfort of its avian wearer. Strategically placed slits allow for the adjustment of the jess around the ankle of a falcon, and a simple bronze button serves to fasten it to the glove of its companion. Tooled with exquisite care, the merest flicker of a miniscule wing tip or faintly etched talon flashes along its length.
an ornamental magnifying glass - 6mc
An embellished carving of smooth onyx serves as the handle of this tool, with elegant scrollwork providing some traction on its slender grip. A dark hand is sculpted atop the handle, with long and feminine fingers holding a large circle within its grasp, though the frame is lacking a lens. Counter-weighting the base of the handle is a small silver sphere inscribed with the stylised image of an eye.
a stardust flask - 10mc
Approximately four inches tall, this flask takes the shape of a six-pointed star. Masterfully crafted from transparent glass, the vessel is completely void of faults or flaws, allowing a completely unobstructed view of the shimmering contents inside. Iridescent swirls of fine, coloured dust fill the branches of the star, shifting in hue as the light strikes at different angles. A small stone as black as the night sky occupies the centre of the flask, its shape perfectly matching the centre of the glass.
a badge of returning - 5mc
Fashioned from platinum and polished to a bright sheen, this badge is crafted of two interlocking pieces. The inner section is engraved with an equine figure, and has been attached in such a fashion that it can be spun on its axis, creating the illusion that the figure is running in place within the larger, outer piece. Runes in ancient Aldar have been engraved around the rim of the badge and inlaid with gold.
a Veil of the Libertine - 2mc
Hanging from a simple silver band which encircles the brow, a mesh of fine silk threads forms a net to partially obscure the wearer's features. Though close examination shows the filaments to be black as coal, the smallest movement makes them shimmer with a variegated iridescence bordering on the ethereal. Tiny glass beads with the same intangible coruscation weigh down the bottom edge of the shroud.
a stone flowerpot - 5mc
This flowerpot is simply crafted, its squared shape carved from a single block of dark, heavy stone. The soil within is rich but also rocky, scattered with small white pebbles that form a stark contrast with the ebon dirt.
a plump, incandescent pillow - 5mc
Possessing no sense of solidity, inexplicably thin threads of silk coalesce into a delicate, plump pillow. Glittering tendrils of vapour twist and twirl within the translucent fabric, the smooth, individual movements entwining into a soothing dance that lulls the mind with its hypnotism. With each subtle shift, the vapour erupts in a burst of effulgent light, casting an eternal, flickering glimmer.
a mahogany hand vice - 3mc
This robust hand tool possesses a functional elegance. A pair of thick, steel jaws wrap about a central unit of metal, clamped into place with a heavy spindle that penetrates each block through the centre. Finely corrugated, the edges of each jaw ensure a solid grip, whilst a smoothly moulded prism allows any obscure shape to be conquered. Held secure via thick bolts, a dark mahogany handle extends from the metal tool, the rich wood thickly varnished and buffed to a high shine.
a drop of Yen-Sorte's blood - 7mc
Shed by the peerless Aldar armsmaster Yen-Sorte in the War of Humanity, time and providence have preserved this droplet of blood perfectly. Glimmering a deep, rich crimson in the light, the blood is crystalised, resembling a priceless teardrop ruby. Its surface is smooth and slightly warm to the touch, without facet or flaw, and it refracts the ambient light perfectly, surrounding itself in a soft halo of diffused claret radiance.


If possible, I'd like to expand the Eggs section to include what types of birds were hatched in what types of braziers from what types of eggs. There should be twelve (three per egg type), and am thinking a nice, fractal-like table or listing to display them all, though descriptions may have to be omitted for this type of design.

I currently own three myself, which I can offer descriptions of right off:

a mahogany swallow - wood egg, mahogany brazier
Dark but vibrant, the majority of this small bird's body is carved from a single piece of rich mahogany wood. Bright eyes and delicate feathers display themselves in exquisite detail, from a short beak to the sweeping double-points of his tail. On the underside of the bird, a lighter, golden mahogany covers his throat and spreads seamlessly to the front of his wings then across his belly. Two smaller spots of the same pale wood decorate the bottom of his tail feathers.
an onyx teal - stone egg, onyx brazier
Beyond its slightly darker colour, every detail of this teal is carved with perfect precision and matches the genuine counterpart to the last. The pieces of onyx are surprisingly thin near the lower portions of the tail and wings, so that the stone is nearly as delicate as actual feathers, if far heavier and rigid. Where hinges are required to allow the feet and head, as well as other various parts of the duck to move, they are carved from the onyx itself, with no sign of other materials to be found. Beads of sardonyx are set in place for the eyes of the teal, with smaller pieces of onyx affixed atop them to serve as pupils.
an emerald hummingbird - gem egg, emerald brazier
Each tiny detail cut to absolute perfection, this small bird is crafted from pure emerald. The viridian gemstone sparkles and shines in even the dimmest of lights, and its purity gives it a translucent quality. The tiny pieces of the hummingbird are all moveable, with no foreign materials to be seen. Even the vanes of the minuscule feathers are etched into the gemstone, a final touch that makes the avian that much more lifelike.

-Samakhulis 15:11, 3 June 2012 (GMT)