Platinum whistle

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About the length of a human finger and formed out of a single piece of platinum, the platinum whistle allows its user to summon all of his or her entities and pets, excluding angels, giraffe balloons, and toboggans, from anywhere. Skilfully etched images of creatures are carved along the whistle's length, and it is hard to see where one carving ends and the next begins.

Platinum whistles may be bought from The Shop of Wonders in Delos for a sum of Mayan crowns and are also acquirable as a talisman artefact.


(1) a whistle mouthpiece, level 1
(1) a whistle's flue, level 1
(1) a whistle reed, level 1
(1) a whistle's top pipe, level 1
(1) a whistle's bottom pipe, level 1