Supernal Triad

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The Supernal Triad or 'Travelling Stars' as they were occasionally referred to in literature, was a group of three planetoids that represented the three factions that made up the Night; Noxtra represented Twilight's realm of Darkness, Lunastra reflected the moon for Ourania, and Somnustra for the Lady of Sleep and Dreams, Valnurana. Once worshipped by an ancient cult dedicated to the night, the trio of planets was hidden from view by Twilight after some disaster befell the cultists. Their ancient artefact, the Disc of the Nocturne, was discovered in the ancient ruins beneath Hashan and heralded Twilight's decision to unmask the planets once again. With the artefact, the planets movements were once again trackable and their orbits were used to dictate the shifting of Hashan's patron through the ascendant power of the Night for a time.

When the triune planets became aligned in the year 427 AF, Tavarius enacted a grand ritual which halted their progress, using the celestial bodies to block sunlight from Achaea and drain solar energy into himself. When his plan was foiled by an alliance of Achaeans, his ritual backfired, the suddenly released gravitational fields causing the planetary orbs to collapse and explode.