Disc of the Nocturne

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The Disc of the Nocturne is the ancient artefact once used by a cult of night worshippers living under present-day Hashan. Possession of the Disc eventually fell to the city government, and it was moved by Hashan's Matron from its crumbling temple home off of Ereptor Street in the southeastern portion of the city to the Dome of the Triad.

The old cult had used the Disc to track the movement of the planets Noxtra, Lunastra, and Somnustra, for their positions in the sky dictated which aspect of Night was ascendant during any particular planetary configuration.

For a time, Hashan adapted this practice in its method of choosing its Patrons, switching between Twilight, Ourania, and Valnurana, depending on which God's respective "Travelling Star" was dominant.

The Disc was again transferred a second time by Tavarius during the Eternal Night Saga to the top of the tower in the Planetarium of the Crown, where it currently rests. It continues to be active to this day, changing on its own as the appropriate planet prevails, but it is no longer directly involved in Hashan's politics.