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Slugs are soft, slimy molluscs which typically the inhabit the deep and dark caves places of Achaea. Some are fairly innocuous, but others are very dangerous.

  • Giant slugs are found in pens beneath the Great Rock, far below the Fortress of the Beast. Through some feat of internal chemistry, these invertebrate are capable of shocking their prey with a powerful bolt of electricity. Careless adventurers beware!
  • Giant flesh-eating slugs are the most dangerous of all slugs, slithering about the deepest catacombs of Azdun Dungeon.
  • Great grey slugs inhabit the dank Saiha'balan Grotto, issuing slime as defense against attack.
  • Ulangian death slugs can be tamed in the arena game Tournament of the Fang. They afflict with aeon. They are sometimes smuggled through Tasur'ke.

A slugbeast is not a true slug, but a cursed, many-tentacled creature of Forest Watch which has some infamy amongst the young adventurers of Achaea for its rapid affliction-giving.