Shadow Codex

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This article is about the Shadowsnakes tutor. For other uses, see Codex (disambiguation).

The Shadow Codex, was the tutor of the Shadowsnakes House in Ashtan. Ancient tomes of Loki and Ekanel, the original Serpents, were discovered housed in a mystical ship on the bottom of remote Lake Balaton. In the year 196 AF, Cobra and his companions, the Shadow Cabal, broke away from the Serpentlords Guild to focus on the study of these tomes with the help of Lady Eris and her occult scholars. This knowledge was condensed into a sentient collection of serpentine lore, a crystal known as the Shadow Codex.

In 631, a series of events revealed the true nature of the sentient codex as being a crystal with an ancient Ashtani nobleman captured within, named Reynard Trefois. Released through the wiles of Dowager Montagenet, the sanity of the long-imprisoned, encyclopaedically-endowed man was restored shortly after with the help of Ezekial of the Occultists.