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Ezekial, the Scholar, is the tutor of the Savants of the Wheel. An occultist of ancient times, he joined the House after the Occultists House was destroyed prior to the House Renaissance of Ashtan.

During the Burning Times, Ezekial was responsible for the gathering together of Ashtani and Theran cabals in their desperate attempt to perform Dion de Vermiis' famed Eschaton Experiment, in hopes of escaping persecution from the Church. When the experiment failed, both Ezekial and all the karma, bound to the ritual, were lost. Their power gone, Lord Luxsyth gave aid to the beleaguered cultists in exchange for furthering studies with Necromancy instead. Though a small sect, dubbed the Keepers of the Fountainhead, remained loyal to Ezekial and awaited his return, they were quickly exterminated by Luxsyth, effectively quashing all knowledge of Occultism for many years.

Eventually, with the help of Eris, the modern-day Occultists were able to enact a ceremony that retrieved Ezekial and his unfinished Eschaton from the timestream. With the experiment completed, the Occultists embraced their roots in Occultism once again, banished Luxsyth from Ashtan, and restored Ezekial as tutor of the House for many years prior to its destruction.