Ring of Lunastra

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The ring of Lunastra, named for the ruined planetoid Lunastra, is a powerful artefact that allows its bearer to more efficiently utilise the properties of the mana elixir. When wearing this ring, the owner gains nearly a third more mana with each sip than normal. It is the most powerful of the triumvirate of rings with this ability. Fashioned from a single smooth piece of onyx, the band is dotted with a multitude of pinpricks of light. Between them rests the blackness of everlasting emptiness, punctuated every now and then by a brilliant flash of light passing over the unblemished onyx.

Two rings of Lunastra, along with two rings of Noxtra and Somnustra varieties, were gifted to some adventurers during the War of the Underworld. the merchant Merentesh at his shop in Delos. Today the ring of Lunastra can be purchased from the artefact merchant Merentesh at The Statistic-Altering and Regeneration Artefact Shop in Delos.