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Mules are the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare). They are generally considered to be more patient and sure-footed than horses, but less stubborn than donkeys. A variety of mules can be found throughout the lands, with most of them available to be brought as mounts.

A stubborn mule
This small equine's coat is a simple brown, becoming darker at its coarse mane and thick tail.
Available for sale at The Delosian Stables.
A stubborn mule of Moghedu
While this equine is very similar in appearance to the Delosian mules, it is somewhat smaller with short strong legs.
Available for sale in Moghedu.
A dappled tundra mule
This sturdy mule's coat is dappled an attractive blend of silvery-grey and creamy white.
They can generally be found in the frozen tundra south of Aran'riod.