Isle of Minos

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Leader Princess Aristia
Discoverer Unknown
Enemies The Regency of Arsentar
Exports honey, wine

The island of Minos is located in the Bay of Dardanos. It can be reached by ship, or by ferry from Tenwat. Settlers reside in the village of Milena and identify themselves as Minoan.

Milena is a village located on the island of Minos. The villagers farm and fish for food from the Shandon River; although there are signs that they were once self-sufficient, the village currently seems to be in a state of neglect.


The village of Milena was once part of a prosperous kingdom, ruled over by the royal family. However, a freak storm destroyed the palace and most of the nobility and the Mage Regent Arsentar took power. With the help of elite guards and elementals, he crushes any who dissent to his rule. As a result, rebels have gone underground, making their headquarters in the village mines.


The village of Milena was founded by political dissidents from Kashar, who sought to make a peaceful home for themselves and their children.


Milena is inhabited by Minoans, a serious people possessed of tanned skin that tends towards bronze hues and eye colour that ranges from brown to green. Of note are the following villagers:

Flora and Fauna

The Minoan coast is scrubby, with wiry grass, hardy heather and spiny gorse whilst vibrant wildflowers, bellwort, goldenseal, skullcap, and cohosh can be found in the southwestern woods, sheltered by mangrove, chestnut, oak, ash, walnut, and tall pine trees. In the southwestern glade forestals will find also roots of ginger, echinacea, and ginseng plants as well as myrrh gum, lobelia seeds, and slippery elm.

The area is inhabited by unseen coastal wildlife, gulls, rabbits, squirrels, and rams.