Tenwat Prison

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Tenwat Prison
Leader Saunders, the prison warden
Founder Alsilan, the condemned
Discoverer Daeki, Infinious, Aviolana, Priyer, and Ryzan

Locked in ice upon the rocky shores of the southeastern Tundra, the ruined complex of Tenwat Prison has mouldered in forgotten antiquity for over a millennium. The structure once served as the gulag wherein the corrupt archprelate Alsilan condemned heretics and political dissidents alike. Today, its ruins writhe with a mutated life of their own, flesh and mortar blending together in a pulsing network of organs and blackened veins, and its inhabitants scream out in tortured madness as the compound slowly absorbs their minds and bodies into its fleshy bulk.

No formal leadership exists among the prison's denizens, for the only factor in their lives is the overarching will of Tenwat itself. Crazed prison guards, berserk prisoners, rust golems, and howling blood mastiffs stalk the living corridors with baneful intent, attacking any and all foreign bodies that would find themselves caught within the frozen ruins, as the half-absorbed limbs and heads of former residents lash out from the walls of their sarcoid gaol.