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The Magisterion is a group of undead, lich-like Tsol'dasi that dwells within the Underworld.

Composed of the Magisters Dominar, Jor'keth, and Pryla'ket, the members of the Magisterion started out as three of the most powerful mortal Tsol'dasi. They used arcane magics to steal death energies from the Underworld, granting them immortality through undeath. Afterward, they visited the lands of death, whereupon a disagreement with Lord Thoth delivered them post haste to the Underworld. Since their arrival, they have begun a bid for power over the lesser coalescent undead of the plane, putting them at odds with Lord Ugrach. Each goes about it in his or her own way. Pryla'ket seeks to sway the residents of the plane to her cause, while Dominar attempts to uncover Ugrach's method of forced coalescence.

At present, each of the Magisters dwells within a separate structure: Dominar in the tower Elniftor of the Abhal Tornu desert, Jor'keth in the fortress Granniftor of the desert, and Pryla'ket in the Prylator Pit of the Tenungick Swamp. Three thrones reside in the depths of Prylator, however, suggesting that this crypt was once the dwelling place of all three Magisters, in theory if not practice.

Magister Residence Aggressive?
Dominar Elniftor (Abhal Tornu Desert) YES
Jor'keth Granniftor (Abhal Tornu Desert) YES
Pryla'ket Prylator (Tenungick Swamp) NO