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Magister Pryla'ket was the only female of the three undead Tsol'dasi that composed the Magisterion. She resided in the Prylator Pit in the Underworld. Unlike Dominar, who sought to build an army for the Magisterion by hand by uncovering Ugrach's method of forcing soulbleed to coalesce into undead beings, Pryla'ket thought to build an army by swaying the undead to her cause.

Pryla'ket, along with the other two Magisters, Dominar and Jor'keth, vanished without a trace after a failed attempt to overthrow King Ugrach. Failing to wrestle control of the Soulbleed Nexus from the Lord of the Undead, the Magisterion were weakened considerably and disintegrated into dust, their citadels abandoned.