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For over two centuries, the Ordine Vashnar Lumeni was the community of the Cyrene Faithful, nested deep within the Southern Vashnars. These Priests and Paladins devoted their lives to the Faith, the Faithful, and their city alike, championing the cause of the Light, studying philosophy and logic, safeguarding their isolated mountain home from taint and harm.

The Lumeni espoused the virtues of their Sacred Trinity: Service, Temperance, and Faith. These ideals tempered the spirit of the wayward Faithful that had come to know them, as well as guided them down the often narrow path of a religious soul in a secular city. From their chapel, the Lumeni integrated themselves into every part of Cyrenian life to guide and shepherded the populace, be it by leadership through politics, tending to the individual citizen, or holding the mountain passes in defense of their home.

Though the Vashnar Lumeni wielded the powers of Devotion alongside their brethren in the Church and later Targossas, they formed a separate, independent body, allied in cause but not in deed. Apparently unhappy with this state of affairs, the resurrected Bloodsworn Gods abolished the order in the 630s.