Lukia DeGage

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Lukia DeGage, the architect, of Ashtan's DeGage Architecture and Construction Services, is a direct descendant of "Lucky" Lantis DeGage. The dwarven woman follows in the footsteps of her famous ancestor, who was responsible for most public works spanning between Ashtan and Lake Vundamere, including Shunai Bridge.

For a time, Lukia made the Lucretian Athenaeum's Hall of Memoirs her temporary office. With the library's policy of accepting journal submissions from scholars across Sapience to be included into its holdings and the re-discovery and construction of Lantis's famed Chapel of All Gods, speculation abounded that Lukia sought to immortalise the name of her illustrious forefather through not only his public works but also in the history books.

More recently, she moved forward with overseeing an ambitious, new project: construction of Lantis' Crossing, a bridge that, completed in 473 AF, spans the two ends of the Great Southern Road formerly separated by the churning waters of the Pachacacha River.