Jaru War

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The Jaru War took place between the years 368 and 370 AF. It began when Shallam claimed the village fell under their protection and forbade Mhaldor to hunt its denizens for sport. The City of Evil responded in kind, slaughtering the villagers from western gatehouse to Bridge Street leading into Shallam in the east.

Mayor Cotridge asked Shallam to remove itself from Jaru's affairs, citing the town's relationship with the city as the source of many of its hardships. Furthermore, the town still held the Church in ill regard from a past incident. After meeting with Shallamese leaders, the Mayor agreed that a lack of support from the Jewel of the East would potentially destroy the town.

After months of brainstorming, Shallam's Minister of Cultural Affairs contacted builders to renovate the city, adding walls to both limit access to the town and fortify what was left of the town's defenses. As the walls were going up, Mhaldor built a temporary dam which, when enough water was gathered, would flood the town and destroy any construction on the walls.

Although a fisherman alerted Shallam to Mhaldor's plan, it was too late. The resulting damage to Jaru from the dam was not enough to deter Shallam, however and they built yet another wall the moment the ground dried. The builders worked through attacks from Mhaldor and its allies until finally the western wall and gate were finished and locked, leaving the north entrance through the Pash Valley and eastern entrance through Shallam as the only means to enter the village.

The two cities went back and forth with schemes and remedies. When Mhaldor planned an acid bath for the hinges on the gates, Shallam sponsored development of a protective coating to render the gates impervious to the damage. Mhaldor did manage to release a blast of acid onto the gate just before the final application of the protective coating was applied. Without a clear plan of what to do after their victory, however, their hesitation afterward gave Shallam the opportunity to repair the damage and secure the gate.

In the months after, the warring factions went their separate ways with Jaru more closely allied than ever to Shallam with the villagers now able to seal off the town during future threats of imminent danger.