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Personal housing can be upgraded, adding various functional aspects. Housing upgrades are purchased with room credits.

Like all housing purchases, housing upgrades cost twice as much out of the subdivision. Housing upgrades can be destroyed, redeeming half the value of their purchasing price in the subdivision, and a quarter of their value outside the subdivision.

General Room Upgrades

Name Cost Keyword Function
Health Regeneration 4 room credits health You and your allies will slowly regenerate health.
Mana Regeneration 4 room credits mana You and your allies will slowly regenerate mana.
Endurance Regeneration 6 room credits endurance You and your allies will slowly regenerate endurance.
Willpower Regeneration 6 room credits willpower You and your allies will slowly regenerate willpower.
News Room 8 room credits news One may write to the news from here.
Outdoor Room 1 room credit outdoors Removes the roof and allows for outdoor effects.
No Prism 4 room credits noprism Blocks attempts at teleporting into that room via the prism tattoo.
Privacy Room 8 room credits privacy Veils the room, effectively blocking eavesdropping, various types of listening, mindreading and overhearing tells.
Furniture Stasis 8 room credits fstasis Prevents furniture decay in a room.
Observatory 4 room credits observatory Allows one to view outside at the subdivision map. Not available for out-of-subdivision homes.
Stables 8 room credits stables Mounts, pets or minipets can be stabled from this room to remove any feeding requirements, and to make them reset to the stable rather than your inventory.
Gates 2 room credits gates Prevents stabled mounts from being summoned by whistling or a with a platinum whistle.

Environment Upgrades

Name Cost Keyword Function
Garden Environment 2 room credits garden Changes the room into a garden, adding trees and allowing for garden plants. Cannot be freshwater.
Freshwater Environment 2 room credits water Changes the environment of the room to a freshwater environment, allowing for water plants. Cannot be a garden.
Natural Underground Environment 2 room credits nunderground Changes the environment of the room to natural underground, which supports growth of lumic and irid mosses, bloodroot, and diamonds.
Grassland Environment 2 room credits grassland Changes the environment of the room to a grassland, making available the ability to plant goldenseal, lady's slipper, wheat and sugarcane.
Constructed Underground Environment 2 room credits cunderground Changes the environment of the room to constructed underground.
Beach Environment 2 room credits beach Changes the environment of the room to a beach.

Room Addons

Name Cost Keyword Function
Humgii 5 room credits humgii Place a humgii in a room. His description can be customised.
Chess board 4 room credits chess Install a permanent chessboard in your home.
Fountain 2 room credits fountain A fountain to supply fresh water to a room. Its description can be customised.
Plot sign 2 room credits sign A small sign to be placed outside of your home.
Crystal ornament 4 room credits ornament Lets the owner set three ambience messages that will be randomly displayed.
Fireplace 2 room credits fireplace A fireplace that when stoked with wood provides a pleasant, cozy ambiance.

Non-decay Furniture

Beds are not considered to be actual housing upgrades, but rather furniture; though they do provide all the functionality of a Privacy room as well as a number of additional benefits. In the same manner, library designations and stoves for cooking (which are purchased from Fronck in the Delosian Furniture showroom) also maintain a functionality equivalent to that of a housing upgrade, but are considered to be furniture or furniture-like items.