Hood of the Sphinx

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The Hood of the Sphinx is an artefact sold at The Defensive Artefact Shop in Delos. It is one of the more expensive artefacts that can be purchased, but many owners swear it is worth the cost. Unassuming in appearance, the hood is made from plain, though good-quality, silver cloth. Any indication of this garment's immense power falls entirely on the single line of glowing gold thread stitched across its border.

The Hood of the Sphinx shares its unique ability, described below, solely with the Veil of the Sphinx artefact.

When worn, this artefact takes you "off the radar", so to speak. No seeking abilities will work to locate the wearer (barring a select few). Hood wearers can be located, however, by other hood and veil owners. In addition, the hood will not remove its wearer from the WHO lists. This can only be done with a few specific class skills or the gem of cloaking artefact.