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This page is about the lifespan of objects. For other uses, please see Decay (disambiguation).

Almost all objects decay if given enough time. Probing something tells how many months remain before it ceases to exist. The decay time could be from a single Achaean month to multiple hundreds of months, and decay continues whether an adventurer is in the realm or not. Corpses of denizens and creatures also decay, though generally at a much faster rate, sometimes as short as a fraction of an Achaean day.

This rate can be doubled by storing them in a container enchanted with stasis. The life of a piece of jewellery can be extended by having a jeweller with the ability repair the item, a service which costs gold to perform.

Items exempt from decay include artefacts and those customised as nondecay with credits.

In addition to probing a single item, you can see the decay times of everything in your inventory with the Vision Lists ability.


 DECAYLIST <itemtype>