Ram's horn (artefact)

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This article is about the artefact. For other uses, please see Ram's Horn (disambiguation).

Growing outward from a thin mouthpiece, the four-foot long ram's horn artefact may be used to shout to the world without the monetary cost required by usage of the public giant ram's horns scattered around the realm. Sinuous in shape, it is coloured a rich chestnut, with flecks of amber and tan accentuating the grain. Three golden bands encircle the horn, a foot separating each. Dazzling gemstones are set between the bands, completing the air of grandeur surrounding this horn.

This artefact was once on sale at Merentesh's Shop of Wonders in Delos, but it has since been discontinued. It can now only be acquired as a talisman artefact.


(1) a ram's horn, level 1
(1) a horn mouthpiece, level 1
(1) a left horn strap, level 1
(1) a right horn strap, level 1
(1) some fasteners, level 1