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A bow is a flexible, two-handed weapon which shoots projectiles called arrows. Archery, traditionally practiced by serpents and knights, is the art or sport of shooting arrows from bows to damage targets at range. Bows are typically sold in archery shops.

Basic bows
These are common and low-quality and can be shot with moderate damage and accuracy.
Crossbows are an improvement on the design of a basic bow, shooting with a little more force but slower and less accurately
The darkbow is stronger than the bow and crossbow and can shoot arrows faster.
A banderbow is a specialised weapon used only to hunt bandersnatchi during a Bandersnatch Hunt.
Dragon Bow
The Dragon Bow is a magical Protean relic which often presents itself to new Greater Dragons and shoots infinite arrows of fire.
Artefact bows
High-powered bows like the Ranger's Bow, Velocity Bow, and Lupine Bow are Artefacts which can be purchased in Delos.