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A graceful young woman of Caer Witrin, Anais, the ice sculptor, is skilled in her craft. Anais once sold solid blocks of ice, which she would then carve into commissioned sculptures.

However, late in the year 444 AF, a loud roar alerted citizens of nearby Cyrene to a horrible tragedy. The peddler delivering new tools and supplies to the artists of Caer Witrin had been mauled by the snow tiger Grimlath. With this development, Anais was forced to sell only sculptures of preset designs.

Anais' Wares

Ice sculpture of a dragon - 2500gp
This beautifully crafted ice sculpture of a dragon proudly holds its head high, a pair of cold eyes surveying its surroundings with an air of dignity. Displaying exquisite attention to detail, a multitude of frozen scales cover the creature's body, while its perfectly formed claws dig into the sculpture's base. A pair of powerful wings protrudes from the shoulders and folds gracefully against its sides, the leathery texture perfectly captured in the ice.
Ice sculpture of a penguin - 1500gp
Carved with extreme care, this penguin sculpture is so delicately balanced that it actually waddles back and forth as the slightest air current passes it by. The ice has been glazed slightly in some areas, causing the surface to appear clouded and opaque where the penguin's coat would usually be black. The rest of the sculpture is perfectly transparent, refracting any available light in a sparkling rainbow of colours.
Ice sculpture of a pair of bards - 2000gp
Immaculately detailed, this glistening ice sculpture depicts a pair of bards captured in performance. The first, a rugged young man, stands frozen in the act of strumming an intricate lute, his mouth open in song. Beside him, a young girl perches on a stool, an ornate flute held to her cold lips while a long, perfectly carved ponytail flows over her shoulder. Drops of water run down their foreheads like beads of sweat as they slowly thaw.
Ice sculpture of a phoenix - 1500gp
Intricately carved from perfectly clear ice, this sculpture of a majestic phoenix stands with long wings spread as if frozen in mid-flight. A pair of stern eyes peers over a sharp beak, caught in a look of intense concentration. Light reflects from its carefully detailed plumage, giving a life-like quality to this brilliant bird, while a series of motionless, ice-cold flames rise from the base of the sculpture to frame its body.