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Aeyr, God of Magic
Realm Magic
Symbols None
Relatives None
Allies Tecton




Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples None

Aeyr was the God of Magic. It was said that He used His supreme mastery of the basic foundations of magic to assist the Pentad, of which He was a member, in its alteration and creation of reality. His interactions with mortals, however, were few and far between, and as such, mortals at large came to regard Him as mysterious and aloof.

The Istani mages that guard the various city-states were minor acolytes of Aeyr.

He had no Divine Order.

In 613, Aeyr sacrificed himself by causing a massive magical explosion to destroy approaching agents of Bal'met during the Second War of Nishnatoba. His death bought time for Sarapis in restoring the corrupted Fire Behind the Flame which had become the source of Bal'met's power.