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Leader Tyamat Jinx
Divine Patron Twilight, God of Darkness
Founder Elentari, Grind, Firefox Sly, Rhenn and Darthus
City Tutor Damaris
City Guardian Ze'thya, the Chimeric Dragon
Heraldic Arms Per fess Azure and, a crown Or
Allies Tasur'ke
Enemies Targossas
Key Documents The Great Canon of Hashan

Initially a humble village located in the heart of the Ithmia, the city-state of Hashan, Crown of the Ithmia, is Sapience's third major city established in the year 222 AF. Due to territorial conflicts, the expansion of Hashan and its early existence endured rough beginnings, challenged by forestal organisations and their respective patrons Lord Lupus, God of the Beasts and Lady Gaia, Goddess of Nature. Nevertheless, Hashan was successfully brought into being by the mortal Darthus with the support of Lord Twilight, God of Darkness and later the Ladies Valnurana, Goddess of Sleep and Dreams and Ourania, Goddess of the Moon. Today, Hashan continues to display a tenacity to survive any hardship, catering to aid others only when her own interests are furthered as well. It is a haven where the diverse characters of Sapience may live together in harmony and community without fear of prejudice, oppression, or bigotry, and where everyone is free to pursue their potential to the greatest of their abilities.

Hashan is home to Achaea's first and oldest Serpent organisation, the Cult of the Serpent Lords, as well as the Spirit Walkers formerly the Shamans, and the Sect of the Black Lotus, formerly the Kharon. The city-state is actively guarded by fierce viragos, mounted tsalmaveths, and hooded nocturni.


Laws and Policies

Main article: Laws of Hashan

The Crown has been known for Achaea's first complex legal system, having surpassed both ancient Ashtan and Shallam in governmental politics. The Seneschal Elentari originally wrote the comprehensive city charter. The policies of Hashan are recorded in a single, albeit large, text called the Great Canon of Hashan which can be found in a bookshelf in the newsroom.

Under Elentari's leadership in Hashan's early years, her constitution was widely regarded by the intelligentsia as "the finest document of its kind yet written". It was Hashan that began the trend of formally binding guilds to cities, a trend that has been followed and formalised by each city to this day. Hashan was also lauded by the Creator as the best organized of the city-states.

Government and Political History

City Ranks

  1. Peasant
  2. Commoner
  3. Burgher
  4. Esquire
  5. Peer (Masculine)/ Peeress (Feminine)
  6. Lord (Masculine)/ Lady (Feminine)

City Patrons

222 AF - Lord Twilight becomes the first Patron of Hashan, and the Triad of the Night is born soon thereafter. From here, Patronship rotated between the Dark Father, the Lady of the Moon, and the Lady of Sleep and Dreams, depending on which planet was in ascendance.
332 AF - Lord Neraeos replaced the Triad of the Night's rotation, as an interim for the Triad of the Night.
385 AF - Lady Ourania replaced the God of the Sea, returning Hashan to its rightful Matron.
485 AF - Lord Thoth replaced the Lady of the Moon, after disputes between the Goddess and the leadership of Hashan.
554 AF - Lord Twilight replaced the God of Death, returning Hashan to its founding God.
591 AF - Lady Ourania replaced the Dark Father.
654 AF - Lord Twilight replaced Lady Ourania.

City Leaders - Seneschals

222 AF - First Seneschal: Darthus
223 AF - Grind replaced Darthus as Seneschal.
230 AF - Elentari replaced Grind as Seneschal.
249 AF - Drakul replaced Elentari as Seneschal, Elentari ascended to become Lady Ourania.
254 AF - Neokove replaced Drakul as Seneschal.
263 AF - Drazik replaced Neokove as Seneschal.
264 AF - Grellek replaced Drazik as Seneschal.
278 AF - Drakul replaced Grellek as Seneschal.
298 AF - Calla replaced Drakul as Seneschal.
324 AF - Aringar replaced Calla as Seneschal.
329 AF - Rianne replaced Aringar as Seneschal.
333 AF - Obzidian replaced Rianne as Seneschal.
336 AF - Merik replaced Obzidian as Seneschal.
342 AF - Caleth replaced Merik as Seneschal.
364 AF - Bambi replaced Caleth as Seneschal.
382 AF - Alynna replaced Bambi as Seneschal.
382 AF - Fendo replaced Alynna as Seneschal.
385 AF - Typhoon replaced Fendo as Seneschal.
388 AF - Alyssia replaced Typhoon as Seneschal.
388 AF - Bambi replaced Alyssia as Seneschal.
398 AF - Drazik replaced Bambi as Seneschal.
404 AF - Typhoon replaced Drazik as Seneschal.
406 AF - Hyru replaced Typhoon as Seneschal.
437 AF - Merik replaced Hyru as Seneschal.
449 AF - Xzander replaced Merik as Seneschal. (Briefly replaced by Aliath in 451 for administrative reasons)
451 AF - Saltaern replaced Xzander as Seneschal.
491 AF - Xzander replaced Saltaern as Seneschal.
504 AF - Sobriquet replaced Xzander as Seneschal.
514 AF - Laytron replaced Sobriquet as Seneschal.
540 AF - Aliath replaced Laytron as Seneschal.
553 AF - Ruth replaced Aliath as Seneschal.
578 AF - Vayne replaced Ruth as Seneschal.
635 AF - Xadzia replaced Vayne as Seneschal.
649 AF - Tyamat replaced Xadzia as Seneschal.


The Crossroads is Hashan's very centre, the most common place for gathering and a useful reference point. It is also home of Gred, the Hashan humgii. The Road of Eternity is Hashan's north entrance road which features a grand display of statues of past and present Gods. Founder's Monument north of the crossroads features statues as well of the city's mortal founders. The Dome of the Triad stands tall as a tribute to the divine Triad of the Night which used to patron Hashan in its early years, and the old Coliseum may be visited where gladiators used to spar. East of the Dome is Hashan's mysterious crumbling temple where dangerous spectres once roamed free. The Disc of the Nocturne was once housed here, but was taken by Tavarius and was later used to cause the time period known as the Eternal Night.


Aside from the various guards that roam the Crown of the Ithmia, there are a few notable citizens worth mentioning:


Most of Hashan's facilities are located near the government buildings and the city's central Crossroads. Altarra, the crier, walks the streets announcing the latest news of the day. The Postal Office of Hashan, the People's Bank of Hashan, and the Crown's citizen-only stables are found off these crossroads. The Literary Archives of Hashan house the newsroom in the Seneschal's Complex. The slaughterhouse and fishing shed are visited off Cibus road, and Hashan's blacksmith Modron opens his blacksmith's shop for the use of all citizens and visitors. Zaertum, the locksmith, offers a key-copying service. Hashan's city arena, the Stadia Coronae (Crown Stadium), is located in the southeastern portion of the city.


Hashan provides three main shopping "areas" which harbour a large variety of goods and supplies. The Bazaar is Hashan's primary market located in the northern half of the city, holding the Crown's commodity shop and unique letter-making services. Running the entire width of Hashan is Serpentis Boulevard with shops that line both sides of the street, the location of one of Achaea's three major candle shops for sealing letters with a Coat of Arms. The third shopping area is Hashan's Central Plaza, which can be found in the Old Quarter near the southwest corner of the city.

Dining and Recreation

Hashan is proud to be the first brewers of Sapience's more unique drinks, provided in the Eventide Alehouse off of western Serpentis Boulevard. Home of the original absinthe and serving Sapience's harder liquors that Berford brews, the Alehouse also sports a new restaurant that serves an eclectic variety of food. Harris, a local publican, spends all his time here probably to watch Indira dance with her snake. Should bourbon, cognac, apricot brandy, or Hashan's own special Darkbrew not tickle anyone's fancy, other non-alcoholic drinks are served as well. Also serving alcohol is the Dragon's Tail Bar as old as the city itself.

Local entertainment is provided by the House of Delights brothel off Epitine Circle, gambling tables run by Moneo and Kes in the Dragon's Tail Bar, and the Menagerie creature museum visited west of Hashan's Academy. South of the Menagerie is the Park of Hashan which features lush, contemplative surroundings and a placid duck pond. Further entertainment can be sought by visiting a few of Hashan's special landmarks as well. (See below.)

Famous Faces

Of the famous faces that hail from Hashan, four are remembered most: Liirup, Hashan's notable rat-eating madwoman, retired Seneschal Elentari Lokelinde-Danial who ascended to Godhood through the collective will of the Pantheon to become Ourania, Goddess of the Moon, Damaris, the Learned who teaches in Hashan's multi-roomed Academy as one of the world's most brilliant minds, and Aringar Claros, the first mortal ever to reach the 99th level of experience and become a Greater Dragon.

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