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Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts
Realm Nature, the Hunt
Symbols a white wolf
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name the Lupine Pack
Temples Temple of the Hunt and the Lupine Hunting Grounds, the Northreach Forest

Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts is the God of the untamed wilds. Walking by His side is Grimaldrin, the long time hunting companion of Lupus, whilst the favoured children of Lupus, lycanthropes and otherwise, dwell within the Lupine Hunting Grounds.


Lupus was one of the Elder Gods created by Ayar at the beginning of time. Lupus represents the wild, beating heart of nature in its creatures and those who hunt them. The essence of Lupus transcends the mere savagery of the wilderness, and permeates through the ritualistic culture of the Hunt. From the intricate, enchanting song during a Lupine offering, to the boisterous escapades of hunters celebrating over a pint, and even woven within the wondrous depths of a Tomaculan tapestry; it is here, in the refinement of mortal culture the Spirit of Lupus dwells, allowing those worthy of His blessing to be lost in the hypnotic pleasures of the Hunt.

Over the ages Lupus has interposed Himself into the affairs of mortals. For a period he served as patron of the city of Ashtan, later going on to patron the Council of Oakstone as well the House of the Arcane Kindred.

During the War of the Worldreaver, in order to rescue Hermes, Kastalia and Lupus charged the battleground upon Krenindala. This assault ended in failure with the death of Kastalia and Hermes, and the the grievous injury of Lupus, who was rescued by Selene. Later on Bal'met would try to finish off Lupus while He was recovering from His injuries, the latter only surviving because of Selene, who fended off the Worldreaver, despite being hopelessly outmatched, though at the cost of Her own life.

The Lupine Pack

The Chosen of Lupus dwell in Achaea as part of the Lupine Pack. Followers of Lupus do more than just track and kill. Undying to their brethren, each is an extremity of a greater whole; their hearts so woven together that no mortal force can sever the bond, save the Great Mother herself.

Divine Symbols

The symbol of Lupus is that of a wolf.