Triad of the Night

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The Triad of the Night was once a political alliance between Lord Twilight, Lady Ourania, and Lady Valnurana in service (or dictatorship, depending on your perception) to Hashan. Early Hashan Patronship was a unique cycle of these three Gods, a system reflective of the planetary rotation of the Supernal Triad and one that began right with the birth of the city. Over the next several centuries, however, the existence of the Triad was challenged and began to fall apart due to several circumstances. These include, but are not limited to, Twilight's ousting from Hashan around 332AF, His, Ourania's, and Valnurana's decades-long sleeping periods, Lord Neraeos' Patronship of Hashan with Ourania and Valnurana, and finally the destruction of the planetary triad itself during the Eternal Night in 427AF. Since the reawakening of the Moon and Dream Ladies in 385 and 426AF, respectively, They have expressed the Triad of the Night as merely a figment of history, acknowledging their past membership but officiating it no more.

The Dome of the Triad in Hashan is the only monument on Sapience that commemorates this historical alliance.