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The product of Belladona's rape by Zsarachnor, Xylthus, the Outcast, was formerly known as Lord Luxsyth. Under his original name, he organised the Occultists of Ashtan into a formal Guild. After his mother's departure, he became the driving force behind the occultic devotion to Necromancy and was known to viciously persecute those who wished to revive Occultism. In the year 304 AF, with the modern rediscovery of Occultism, Luxsyth was banished from Ashtan. He assumed a new identity — Xylthus — and moved into lower Azdun to reside with his father.

After the House Renaissance of Ashtan, Xylthus was bound, stripped of his pseudonym, and carted back to the newly named Seat of Chaos by the Nemesian Vanguard.

The deck of legends' Impudent suit memorialises its namesake; the Xylthus mystical card befuddles and stuns denizens when thrown.