Weaver's Fern

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Weaver's Fern, first appeared in the lands around 489 A.F. Long leaves are arranged alternately along a central supportive stem to form a single plant that measures a foot from base to tip. Each individual leaf is slender and soft to the touch, its pale green hue nearly transparent along the smooth edges. Commonly known as Weaver's Beard, the shape of the large frond resembles a silken cascade of whiskers that tapers to a wispy point.

Many an adventurer, accompanied by Divine and denizen alike, gathered in a small natural cavern to pay their final respects to Clementius, the Weaver. Maiden, the Matron, and the Crone sat at the seamless, rectangular frame of an impressive ivory loom. After a length of silver material was drawn onto the distaff, each of the three lunar priestesses, followed in turn by other members of the reverent audience, gave something to be woven into the Weaver's Thread.

After the final goodbyes were said, Clementius clasped His hands before Himself, and performed a simple, respectful bow, saying, "Honour to you all. And thanks for the goodies!" As he departed, the remaining cloth upon the loom burst into life, spilling onto the cavern floor in a tangle of silken ferns.

At the bequest of Maya, the Great Mother, adventurers took the Weaver's Beard ferns with them as they left the cavern, dropping the graceful stems of the mature plants at various spots of their choosing across Sapience, where they bloom to this day in honour of Clementius, the Weaver.