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Nine Vertani Houses make up the core of the Empire, based off of the original nine territories that formed it. Each House has a leader, called the Solarn.

The suicidal Imperial Oracles, idiot savants who live in horror after having been "touched by the All", are kept restrained and confined. Their sole purpose is to decide by prophesy which House's Solarn will serve as the next Ascendant.

The Solarn of the House whose cycle it is to rule the Empire is called the Overlord. A non-Daq has never served as an Ascendant. Should the Ascendant be slain, a new cycle will not begin until the Oracles' prophesy.

The other Solarns sit on a council that advises the Overlord. Although the Solarns are unified in their firm belief of the Vertan civilisation's superiority over all others, each Solarn serves to further the goals of his or her own House by sitting on the council.

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