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Tritons are inhabitants of the deep seas beyond the continental shelf upon which Riparium sits. Tritons do not resemble merfolk in appearance, having legs and feet instead of fish-like tails. While they are powerful swimmers, tritons are perfectly capable of travelling on dry land as well.

A rich Triton culture thrives hidden beneath the surface of the dark oceans, wealthy and warlike empires and city-states standing upon the seabed with pelagic grandeur. Of these, only the location of Lothos is known to the surface, though others such as Scyros and Phocia have had occasional dealings with landwalkers. Tritons are a proud but suspicious race. Several states war against one another and slavery is common.

Triton warriors, armed with spears and girded in bronze plate armour, are the chosen guardians for the temples of Neraeos. The wisest and possibly oldest of all Tritons is Maeander, Augur of the Sea, tutor to the Divine Order of Neraeos.