Trial of Rebirth

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The Trial of Rebirth was the process where one gave up their old menial life and became an adventurer in the realms of Sapience. New ways of communication and many more things could be learned during this trial, thanks to the expert guidance of Pasiphae, with assistance from both Gruul and Severian.

The Trial was replaced with a new method for youth to become adventurers, and no longer exists as it once did.

In its previous incarnation, the trial allowed you to learn about:

  • Checking your status and inventory.
  • Looking at your surroundings.
  • Clothing (and be given a set of robes).
  • Finding your way and moving around.
  • Checking who is connected to Achaea.
  • Getting and giving items.
  • Where to find maps.
  • Ways to learn about yourself and others.
  • Basic geography of Sapience.
  • How to learn lessons and learn 15 lessons in the Survival skill.
  • Use the SURVEY ability.
  • Checking which skills and abilities you have learned so far.
  • Using basic combat skills.
  • Buying items from a store. (You will buy a pack and a health vial.)
  • Then you may either choose to test your combat skills or see if you can find your way through the maze. Either challenge will allow you to gain the Dragon Orb.
  • Selecting a class.
  • Choosing a City for your home. (If you are quite new to Achaea, a city can offer you a group of people to help you out and we suggest that you join one of your choice.)
  • What Houses are.