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Emperor Sulaiman served as the emperor regnant of Shallam between the late second and early third cycles of the Ashtan-Shallam Wars (c. 1000 BF).

Near the end of the second cycle, Sulaiman successfully predicted a planned naval attack by Ashtan upon his city. In defensive preparation, he scuttled Shallam's old ships within the Peshwar Delta to prevent any oceangoing assaults of Ashtan from reaching Shallam. This prompted the Priest Aquinas to seek audience with King Martin the Wise in an attempt to deter Ashtan's ultimately doomed attack, based not on leaked Shallamese intel but out of concern for the effects that a full-scale land war might have on Sapience's peasantry. King Martin acquiesced to Aquinas's reasoning in the end, and so Emperor Sulaiman's defensive measures never saw combat.

The central Shallamese street known as Sulaiman Avenue was named in his honour.