Southern Sapience Cartel

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Banding together into the Southern Sapience Cartel to bring exotic goods from around the continent to the tundra, the next generation of merchants seek out regional specialities to send back to their home villages. Jointly funding a rudimentary trading route from the eastern port of Tenwat, cutting westwards across the continent, the young merchants have established the Martei Memorial Tradepost and the Artists' Collective Trading Post.

Founding and History

With the disappearance of the Wall of Power in 553 AF, goods from the northern settlements began to appear in city stores around Sapience. Inga, the furrier, a long time dealer in tundra pelts, was the first to see the economic opportunities in better access to the northern communities, and commenced discussions with her merchant colleagues in Caer Witrin. The vast expense of creating any route, however, called for a wider collective of young merchants, seeking the chance to make a name for themselves in the merchant trade and carry on their family traditions through importing goods from the north.

By 565 AF, as more and more villages expressed interest, the eager merchants joined together under the banner of the Southern Sapience Cartel, pooling funds, hiring workers from their towns, and quickly making progress on a route inland from the harbour at Tenwat Prison. In order to capitalise on the great expense, though, they established trading posts along the route, bringing their own goods closer to the tundra villages. These opened for business in 570 AF, beginning a new era in cross-continent trade.