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Cheerful Inga, the furrier, seems utterly at home in the furs she wears and sells. She and her handiwork can be found in her shop on Domus Street in Caer Witrin.

Inga's Wares

Snow leopard-skin fur coat - 5000gp
This long, thick, luxurious coat is made from the skin of a snow leopard. The fur is long, soft, and snowy white, with occasional grey rosettes of the leopard's original markings. The outer skin is smooth and buffed, well-preserved against snow and moisture. The whole is elegantly cut, as much a fashion item as protective clothing.
Sealskin coat - 3000gp
Long, slick, and warm, this coat is fashioned from the skin of baby seals. While well-cut and neat enough to be presentable in any company, it is mainly an item of protective clothing, shedding snow and moisture as easily as it sheds the cold.
Thick fur hat - 400gp
A thick fur hat is crafted from dark coloured fur. A long nape and two flaps protect the neck and ears from biting cold winds.
Set of snowshoes - 150gp
A pair of snowshoes is formed of a taut net of cord, woven across a curved frame bent from a single stout, flexible branch. Leather straps tie it across the wearer's other footware.
Fur-lined backpack - 200gp
This backpack is secured to the wearer's back with two thick, stout straps, with another padded strap across the abdomen to help distribute the weight of its contents. An A-line frame helps it hold its shape, which is long and streamlined, with no unnecessary snags or protrusions to catch on jagged rocks while climbing. Rugged and capacious, it is also soft and comfortable, minimizing its burden during long, arduous treks in the wilderness.