Lost elixirs

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The lost elixirs, or forgotten elixirs as they are also known, were first discovered by Eternus in the early days of the Druids. These were the first elixirs ever to be concocted and were thus prized for their healing properties. Unfortunately, after herbs with similar curative effects were discovered around the second century AF, the ability to produce these elixirs was lost.

Elixir Name Effect Ingredients
altruism elixir worked like bellwort 1 stag's horn, 2 myrrh, 2 bellwort
blessing elixir worked like elm 2 irid moss, 1 hawthorn, 2 goldenseal
conditioning elixir worked like kelp 1 ash, 1 cohosh, 1 lobelia, 1 pear
elixir of sanity worked like ash 2 bayberry, 2 cohosh, 1 valerian
fluidity elixir worked like bloodroot unknown
galvanic elixir electric resistance 1 kuzu, 1 liquid gold, 1 lobelia, 1 bloodroot
harmony elixir worked like goldenseal 2 skullcap, 1 slipper, 1 myrrh, 1 goldenseal
purifying elixir worked like ginseng 1 ginseng, 1 ash, 1 ginger, 3 echinacea
therapeutic elixir worked like lobelia 3 slipper, 1 skullcap, 1 valerian