House of Nitre

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One of the oldest adventurer houses, the House of Nitre is located in the Mhojave Desert and belongs to the Shadowsnake Nitre. The tower is constructed from hardened sand and held together by powerful magicks.

A butler greets visitors at the door, reminding them to wipe their shoes. Creatures from the desert often wander in as well, seeking shade from the relentless heat of the sands outside.

At the top of the stairs is a balcony with a gorgeous view of the desert sands. Those of an acrobatic nature might try to impress people by leaping off the balcony to the desert sand below. Nearby, a bar has been cut into the wall of the house, tended by a jolly, often-drunk bartender named Bacchus. He sells a small variety of alcoholic drinks - tequila, red wine, mead, and champagne. A giant ram's horn is also located on the balcony.


Tequila (shot glass) - 25gp
Small and sturdy, this shotglass is functional and able to take a beating.
Red wine (wine glass) - 25gp
Though functional, this wine glass is made for tavern use rather than the King's table.
Mead (flagon) - 20gp
An unremarkable wooden flagon, absent of carving or non-utilitarian decoration.
Champagne (champagne flute) - 30gp
Narrow at the bottom and flowering open towards the top, this champagne flute inspires a mood of celebration in you.

West of the balcony is a desert training room. Anatomic diagrams are drawn on the walls of the large, clean chamber, pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the bodies of each sapient race in Achaea. A large variety of bows have been hung on the walls, while fake trees allow fighters to practise fighting in the treetops. Hidden above the balcony is a bedroom obviously intended for private use, as suggested by its perpetually being locked up.

Hidden beneath the house is a slaughterhouse, hailing back to the days when buckets of blood were required to defile shrines and influence the Falls landmark during Ethian's Crossing.