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The Society for Helping Offset the Harm of Hateful Obliteration, otherwise known simply as the HoHoHo Society first appeared in 583 AF, on the cusp of the Logosmas season. The benevolent society first called adventurers to purchase gifts and place them beneath a great Logosmas tree in New Thera for the countless children recently orphaned by the recent Great Hunt. Since then, the HoHoHo society has campaigned and rewarded adventurers for their charity each Logosmas, always ensuring a special gift for those who donated in sufficient amounts.

The year 670 saw the rise of the HoHoHo halfling rivals, the HaHaHa Society. Determined to expose the holiday charity as an anti-capitalist attack on honest, wage-earning workers everywhere, their organization exists solely to hinder the efforts of their halfling associates.

The home of the HoHoHo Society is Merrywick.

Main Members