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Helga, the Prosperian Secretary, resides in the temple of Prospero in Delos. Clad in high heels and a classy black skirt, Helga is a woman of style. She sometimes sells wares to adventurers.

Helga's Wares

Small pinewood vial - 330gp
The pinewood vial is a small cheap container.
Group of 85 pieces of bayberry bark - 1100gp
Rough and black, the bayberry bark has no scent.
Group of 250 bloodroot leaves - 9350gp
This leaf is mauve with streaks of bright yellow running up it. It is oval and has serrated edges.
Group of 250 bellwort flowers - 6600gp
This flower is orange-yellow, approximately one to two inches long, and has a pitcher-like shape.
Group of 450 obsidian pieces - 8250gp
This piece of obsidian is rough and unformed, but with the classic sharp edges of obsidian. It glints darkly, its surface nothing but shining blackness.