Stone Forest

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Bordering the Lhitsu upon the Drauger Plane is the Stone Forest, the dead remains of outskirts of the Lhitsu. Abandoned by whatever force of light and life might once have resided within its blighted confines, roaming its length and breadth are the insectoid treemites. A scourge upon the plane, believed by some to have devoured worlds in their mindless quest to expand and consume, these bug-like creatures are endlessly hunted by the sharn to supply their village and forestall their inevitable expansion.


The Stone Forest was discovered by Achaean adventurers in 758 AF, when interplanar pathways through Yggdrasil became open after the escape of Pazuzu from the Prime Material Plane.

Flora and Fauna

Treemites of all varieties: greater xietals, greater hormids, greater caterpins, greater mantises, and lesser treemites in every colour of the rainbow infest the skeletal boughs. The most powerful of the treemites are called Dreadpilar. Very little plant-life survives in the cadaverous wood, consumed by the unyielding hunger of the insectal legions. Legend says the treemites have consumed other worlds, like the mythical world of Avinaar.