Corps of the Golden Apple

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Hovering, hidden, high above the endless sea of primal chaos within the Erisian Pyramid, the Corps of the Golden Apple was walled with a strange, gilded material that shimmered with a sparkling patina of rainbow hues. This interior of the Golden Apple of Eris was wreathed entirely with chaotic, reality-warping energies. Portals randomly appeared and disappeared on the walls, flashing images of locations both common and fantastical; it was from here that adventurers gained access to several directional exits leading to different locations upon Sapience. The Seed of Chaos hovered and spun here in the centre of the Corps of the Golden Apple. Colourful cushions in a variety of sizes furnished the interior of the Golden Apple, and five hookahs spread a pleasing and intoxicating mix of scents through the room.

Near the Corps was the Golden Dais of Creation, a workshop of sorts where Eris manifested Her chaotic creations.

In Ashtan, soldiers of the Golden Apple Corps gleamed in leather armour burnished to a golden sheen. Despite appearing unconcerned with their surroundings, their eyes darted swiftly, scrutinizing their purview so that little escaped them. Each soldier was equipped with a steel-tipped spear. When greeted, members of the Corps were known to utter chaotic inanities (such as, "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous") and, very occasionally, words of wisdom that actually made sense.